Recently Tire Business launched 2022 Global Tire Manufacturers Ranking, most tyre practitioners are interested in the ranking and lots of tyre dealers also want to find the right partner as reference. take part of that for your reference.

2022 Global Tire Manufacturers Top 30 Rankings

2022 Global Tire Manufacturers Ranking and How to Choose Right China Tyres?

First, we thanks for Tire Business’s ranking, because it’s interesting for whole tire industry, and we could have a basic understaing for world top tyre manufacturers.

Second, there are total 10 China tire companies listed in top 30, including 8 China mainland companies, which are No.8 Zhongce Rubber Group, No.13 Linglong Group, No.15 Sailun Group, No.22 Triangle Group, No.24 Double Coin Holdings company, No.28 Prinx Chengshan Tire Company, No.29 Qingdao Doublestar Industrial company, No. 30 Guizhou tyre company and 2 China taiwan companies, which is No.10 Maxxis / Cheng shin rubber company and No.26 Kenda Rubber Industrial company.  Generally speaking, we often see these companies in previous similar rankings, like 2021, 2020, 2019 etc. and they do play very important roles for whole world economy and life running.

Tyre is a complicated high technology product, which is made of more than 200 kinds of materials, as an old soldier of tyre industry from 2006, I would like to talk something about China tires.

How to Choose Right China Tyres for dealers or fleets?

Tyre includes many series, car tire, truck tire, mining tyres, agricultrual tyres, industrial tyres, motorcycle tyres, bicycle tyres etc.

How we should understand above China tyre manufactures 2022 ranking?

First, we should understand that the ranking bases on the company sales revenue. But there are many tire companies sales revenue are unknown.

Second, there are many tire manufacturer focusing on specific tire series, like Jinyu Tire Group focusing on truck tyre manufacturing, Haian Rubber company focusing on giant mining tyres, Timsun company focusing on motorcycle tyre etc., which they have very big influence in these specific tire fields.

How to choose right China tyres for dealers and fleets?

For tyre dealers, making money is first thing and there are many successful dealers no matter dearling low brands or high-end tire brands in certain time. But I want to say there are many differents and no one fixed way to choose, it has to be considered more factors base on yourself situation to make the final decision.

For truck fleets, this is a professional group, especial for mining truck fleets, which they prefer performance, tyre performance first, productivity first. Of course, one words is the suitable is the best one for you.

Togmax Group is professional fleet solutions provider, which focus on providing tyre solutions for truck fleet, especially for mining truck fleets. Togmax not only supply China top brands tyres like Triangle, Double Coin, Maxam, Advance, Longmarch etc., and Togmax also supply high performance filters, brakes etc., truck spare parts value-add service. If you want to choose the right high performance China tyres, please feel free to contact with us.


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