Australia truck and commercial market is powering ahead in 2017

The Truck Industry Council’s (TIC) latest T-Mark data indicates some 3630 new trucks and vans were sold during November 2017, the figure up a substantial 22.8 per cent on the same month 2016. Furthermore, a total of 33,352 new vehicles have been sold this year to the end of November, up 11.5% over the last year’s corresponding period, with gains recorded in every major segment.

Overall of Australia truck market

In the overall tally, Isuzu continues the lead the sales chart with 8146 sales year to date, which is up 6.0% on this time last year. It leads Hino (4396 units, up 10.2%), Fuso (3345 units, up 1.9%), Kenworth (2069 units, up 15.5%) and Volvo (1673 units, also up 15.5%).

Australia Heavy-duty trucks

The Heavy-Duty truck market now shows every sign that it’s emerged from its slumber of recent years, with transport operators finally gaining the confidence to invest in new stock after a lengthy hiatus. Some 1301 new heavy-duty trucks were sold in November, up 33.7% over the same month last year, while so far this year we’ve seen 10,751 new trucks registered – that’s up an impressive 22.3%.

Kenworth continues to lead the heavy-duty segment with 2069 trucks sold year to date, the figure up 15.5% from its efforts this time last year. It leads Volvo (1649 units, up 14.6%), Isuzu (1229 units, up 3.0%), Mack (933 units, up 14.8%), and Scania (872 units, up an astounding 43.9%).

Australia Medium-duty trucks

A total of 745 new medium-duty trucks were sold in November, which equates with growth of 20.0%, while the 6646 units sold this year to the end of November add up to year-on-year growth of 4.4%.

Isuzu continues to lead the segment with 2643 trucks sold year to date, but that figure is actually 4.4% down on the same time last year. It’s ahead of Hino (1983 units, up 6.3%), Fuso (955 units, up 1.3%), UD Trucks (474 units, down 2.7%) and MAN (381 units, up 429.2%!).

Australia Light-duty trucks

The light-duty market was on a flyer in November, with 1073 units equating to month-on-month growth of 19.5%. A total of 10,571 light-duty trucks have been sold this year, with is 8.2% up on the same time last year.

Isuzu continues to dominate this segment with a leading total of 4272 units (up 14.7%). It leads Fuso (2060 units, up 3.3%), Hino (2057 units, up 10.1%), Iveco (772 units, up 17.9%) and Fiat (603 units, down 5.0%).

Australia Light-duty van

And that leaves the light-duty van segment which, with 511 sales in November, also recorded good growth – that figure is up 10.1% on November 2016. A total of 5384 vehicles have been sold in this category year to date, up is up 8.3% on the same time last year.

Mercedes-Benz leads the charge with 2138 units year to date, up 14.4%, ahead of Renault (1364 units, up 1.0%), Ford (720 units, up 17.6%), Fiat (420 units, down 6.5%) and Volkswagen (413 units, down 12.9%).

President of TIC, Phil Taylor, said the figures were welcome news.

“It was again heartening to witness strong double-digit sales growth across all heavy vehicle segments in November,” he said.

“The strong sales seen across the first three quarters of 2017 have continued into the final quarter of the year. It was a particularly strong month for the Heavy Duty segment with sales continuing to lead the way in 2017. Medium Duty sales were also very strong for the month and, as we have come to expect, Light Duty truck and van sales were again solid.

“With just December sales to come, the industry won’t see the 2007 sales record broken, but I think that we will witness the second best result ever and the best heavy vehicle sales in over a decade.”

Tony McMullan, the TIC’s Chief Executive Officer, echoed Mr Taylor’s sentiments.

“In November all segments experienced double-digit growth when compared with November 2016 sales and that is very pleasing,” he said.

“The Heavy Duty truck segment again led the way for the month, as we have seen all year. It was pleasing to see Medium Duty sales pick-up in November, an indicator that fleet renewal is actively being pursued by industry across all heavy vehicle segments.

“With only one month remaining in 2017 we will not be rewriting the history books this year, but the market is at a very high level and we may see record sales in 2018.”

Suffice to say, after the long-term economic gloom following the Global Financial Crisis, it’s very heartening to see the sales curves heading north – now it’s all eyes on the month of December, which could very well see 2017 sales break through to levels we haven’t seen in many years…


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