It really was my honor to visit Australian truck tire market as Shandong Kaixuan Rubber Company sales representative on middle of Octomber 2018. Just write a travel note here to commemorate the trip.

Australian population is only just 25 millions but its area is 7.69 million square meters, maybe it’s one of reasons why there are several cities in Australian rated as most suitable cities in the world.

Sydney is my first stop, frankly speaking, it doesn’t leave me too deep impression for the city construction, of course I have not traveled for the view spots, but Australia is doing a very good job in protecting animals.

Meanwhile I was really shocked by Sydney’s truck tires price. In my mind, Australia is a developed country and Sydney is a morden city and the level of their consumption should be very high. The fact is that Australian truck tyre market is in fierce competition, especial for Sydney, which one of not bad Chinese brand’s trailer tyre price of 11R22.5 is only $100/pc; In fact, the Australia has big demand for truck tires, maybe it becauses Australian applications are really good, very good truck condition, very good asphalt road, very good regular maintainance and good driving habit etc.

Mr. Zhang is a potential customer, who has none tyre business but want to start. It’s not easy to start base on current Austrilian tyre market situation.

Brisbane is my second stop, and their acceptance of price is much better than Sydney. After met several good potential customers, I continue to go to North, Townsville a small town, but their customers are more professional & focusing on the tyre performance.

My third stop is Perth, which is a good market because there are many mineral projects and they would like to put much attention on tyre performance, so it’s really worht to go there.

Mike Cao visit West Australian Michelin Distributor

My forth stop is Adelaide, but I have to say South Australia is very small market, I visited the No.1 and No.2 distributor of South Australia.

My last stop is Melbourne, and Melbourne is a big market of truck tires, which I met many nice tyre guys.

And I want to say that never giving up any chance to visit the customer because you never know which one is the best for you and you may learn from any of customers.

Anyway, Australian is a good market for truck tyre, especially when you see the Road Train, but we have to know the distributors and know the different requirement for each distributor, then you will do better job after some time.


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