Jinyu Tire Group Vietnam factory two million TBR tyre production capacity project has started construction on June 18 2020. Facing the development opportunities and challenges of the new era, Jinyu Tire Group adheres to the core value of " Common interests above all else ", focuses on the development and application of rubber tire technology and services, and is committed to providing customers with the best value and experience.
Shandong Jinyu Tire Company founded in 1995, is an enterprise specialized in tire development and manufacture, with total assets of over 500 million US dollars, 4 million pcs TBR tyre production capacity, the world "top 75" tire enterprise, the Jinyu and Blacklion brands products have been distributed widely throughout the Peoples' Republic of China as well as other 100 oversea countries and regions.
Which China tire manufactures could be choosed for long term cooperation? It’s a normal question for all international tire importers, but it’s really not easy to answer for them. How much you know about China and how much you know about Chinese tire industry, no matter the exact tire manufacturer/supplier. Why import China Tires? China […]
Jiangsu Donghao Rubber Co., Ltd, founded in 2011, is located in Jiangsu Shuyang National Economic and Technological Development Zone. The enterprise covers an area of more than 380 acres. The company have more than 1300 employees, professional and technical personnels more than 120 people. At present, the company has developed into a rubber production enterprise […]
Which brand tire is the best quality truck tyre in China? That’s really a good question. No matter you are tire distributors, or tire wholesalers, or tyre retailers, or truck fleets, even tyre end users, you may want to know which tyre is Chinese best quality truck tire brand. China Best High Quality Tire 2020 […]
  Country Election Date Angola Local elections Due Apr 2021 Benin Presidential & Local elections Due Apr 2021 Burkina Faso Local Due May 2021 Cape Verde Presidential & National Assembly Due Mar 2021 Central African Republic National Assembly (second round) Due 8 Feb 2021 Chad National Assembly & Local Elections Due 24 Oct 2021 Presidential […]
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