GRENLANDER brand tyre was produced by Shandong KAIXUAN rubber company, but KAIXUAN tire factory has changed GRENLANDER brand to GREFORCE brand permanantly from 2018 base on management strategy adjustment. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of brand changing to previous Grenlander tyre distributors and dealers but Kaixuan will continue to supply superior quality GREFORCE TBR tyres for our tyre partners.

GRENLANDER Tyre Stopped Supply

Grenlander Tyre

GREFORCE TBR Tyre is main brand

Greforce TBR tyres

Kaixuan tire factory are promoting GREFORCE TBR tyres, which GREFORCE related Chinese brand is “美路达”, so no matter you are previous Grenlander tyre distributor or dealer or interested in GREFORCE TBR tyres, you are warmly welcome to contact for cooperation : Mike Cao, Mobile/Whatsapp:+8618660227161, Email:


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Global Tire Manufacturing is dominated by Asian players, mainly from Japan, China, Korea and India. Tire Companies from Europe and USA are also among top 10 players. Chinese tyre manufacturers has played a very important role in world tire industry, which China is the biggest tyre production country and the biggest tire export country in the world.
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We always say TBR tyre, PCR tyre and OTR tyre etc. for insiders of tyre industry, but the newbies don't understand what's mean of TBR, PCR and OTR etc. In fact, TBR tyre, PCR tyre, OTR tyres etc. are the short name of different tyre segment and Mike will explain what's the difference of TBR, PCR and OTR.
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