Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Company-Farroad, Saferich, Yeada tyre factory
Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Company-Farroad, Saferich, Yeada tyre factory

Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in economic development zone of Yicheng, Zaozhuang City, Shandong, is by the Shandong energy corporate ownership dates Mining Group 81 tires state-controlled, set of semi steel radial tire R & D, manufacturing, sales in one of the modernization of large enterprises.

The company design and planning for the annual output of 20,000,000 semi steel radial tire, in 2014 with an annual output of 10000000 semi steel radial tire capacity. 2-3 years will be eight one tire company to form a full steel 5000000 / year, semi steel 20000000 / a full range of products, in the market, production, technology, management, personnel and other resources on the allocation of resources, complementary advantages, among the forefront of the national tire manufacturing.

Fengyuan Tire Manufacturer, Farroad, Saferich, Yeada, Arcron Tyre Facrory
Fengyuan Tire Manufacturer, Farroad, Saferich, Yeada, Arcron Tyre Facrory

Targeting high-end products, configuration of the Netherlands VMI molding machine, Italy wire calender, Germany TROESTER complex production line, South Korea Donghe vulcanization machine world-class semi steel tire production line and key equipment level of living in the forefront of the industry. The use of the world’s first application of nano material and the low temperature of the tire and high temperature nitrogen vulcanization and other advanced technology, improve the tire strength, flexibility, thermal conductivity, antistatic property, and enhance the durability of the tire, product performance has reached the second phase of the European label method of high-end requirements.

Company to introduce international advanced design technology, with technology research and development center and professional and technical R & D team, built a 3000 square metres of laboratory, selection of German SDS laser interferometer, Japan moving even balance testing machine, the United States Aerfamenni, rheology and other international advanced research and experimental equipment, using finite element analysis method of independent noise analysis, innovative research and development of green, safe, low rolling resistance, low noise, anti slippery high-end tires, forming a series of 6 HP and UHP and SUV, snow tires, 400 multiple product specifications.

Company has passed China CCC compulsory certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, TS16949 certification, the United States DOT certification, ECE certification, the European GCC certification, certification, Brazil Inmetro certification.

Company products are exported to Europe, America and other 67 countries and regions, covering 26 provinces and cities in china. Preparation of online business platform, including micro site, micro shop, lynx, Jingdong platform, online + line integrated management, to provide our customers with perfect sales and quality service.

Fengyuan factory tyre brands

PCR tyres brand: Farroad, Saferich, Yeada, Arcron


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  • richard toyloyMarch 29, 2020 at 12:28 am

    Interested in the distribution of cheap, reliable and durable tires in Jamaica , primarily for the public taxi industry. Presently have a large warehouse , good location .

  • DAVID REIDApril 2, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Im looking to expand my tyre retail company into the wholesale market and I would like to ask if you company would like to buy into my company and expand it to take over the wholesale market in Ireland and the UK


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