China TBR tires have taken more and more market share in international market, but truck fleets often have tire burst problem, is it tire manufacturing caused or ircorrect using caused? Above videso will show you one reason of tire burst, which tire hitting againt hard object causes tire deformation and even burst directly, especially high speeding and high loading.

Best practise to extend tire life is to avoid hitting hard object, especially high speeding and high loading.


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As every truck operator knows, tyres are one of the big three recurrent costs of running a trucking business, along with staff and fuel. Maintaining correct tyre pressure is imperative in achieving maximum tread wear, maximum fuel efficiency, good road handling, the integrity of casings and preventing blowouts.
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    Motorcycle. Tire. Dual. Sport. 90/90/19 rim/215/19 and. 110/90/17. /Rim/ 250/17


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