Sailun Group-Sailun, RoadX, Blackhawk, Rovelo, Maxam Tyre Manufacturer

Sailun Group always focused on technology R&D and innovation, Sailun has carried out extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with universities, research institutes, and high-end laboratories at home and abroad. It has brought in a large number of international and domestic technical experts and formed a technology R&D system with proprietary intellectual property rights and continuous innovation capabilities. Through “an open technology innovation platform for deep integration of production, education and research”, Sailun strives to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the tire industry.

Sailun has established modern tire manufacturing plants in Qingdao, Dongying, Shenyang and Vietnam, and set up sales networks and logistics centers in Canada, Germany and other regions to service markets around the globe. With total manufacturing capabilities of more than 6.5 million TBR tires, 40 million PCR tires and 70,000 tons of OTR tires in a year, Sailun sells its products in more than 150 countries and regions across Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.

Sailun Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Ensuring the stability and quality of products throughout the production process

  • DIMS/JIMS— the low temperature single-stage rubber mixing process which fully complies with the European labeling laws and meets high carbon black formula production requirements.
  • Calendering machine equipped with EB pre-curing function.
  • One-stage tire building machine with automatic correction capabilities.
  • Curing utilizes a high temperature nitrogen curing system.
  • Automated material winding and storage to maintain consistent tension and material quality.
  • Production lines utilize cutting-edge equipment designed based on internationally recognized enterprise standards.

Sailun Mission

“Make Great Tires” is the commitment of Sailun to users and society; it’s the best embodiment of the highest working principle, unremitting pursuit and results of all Sailun members.

“Make Great Tires” is not only the most important condition for creating value and sustainable profit for Sailun, but also concerns the national economy, people’s livelihood, and the development of civilization.

Sailun takes this as its mission, focusing on the development and application of rubber tire technology and services, continuously providing users and society with better products and services, so as to allow society to drive more safely, freely and efficiently.

Sailun Brands

Sailun Group have 5 brands now, which are Sailun, Roadx, Blackhawk, Rovelo for PCR & TBR tires and Maxam for OTR tyres.

Sailun, Roadx, Blackhawk, Rovelo, Maxam Tyre Manufacturer

Quality is the basis of a company’s operations. To maintain our promise of quality, Sailun utilizes stable and reliable raw materials, introduces advanced processing equipment, adopts effective and pragmatic management methods, and implements stringent quality control standards. Strong cooperation with the upstream and downstream industry chain, and through innovative efforts, we maintain a steady and sound operation laid with a strong foundation for further development.

In the future, Sailun Group will continue to focus on the development and application of rubber tire technology and services, follow our mission to “Make Great Tires”, and strive to provide better products and services for global tire users and stakeholders, so as to allow society to drive more safely, freely and efficiently.


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    Hello! Do you have any BlackHawk decals? I’d love to rock a blackhawk window sticker on my car. Maybe send me a pair so i can advertise them as well! I work at a tire install place and the tread on the blackhawk street tires is truly amazing, i would love to show them off to people and help get the brand more publicity here in new jersey/USA.

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