Which brand tire is the best quality truck tyre in China? That’s really a good question. No matter you are tire distributors, or tire wholesalers, or tyre retailers, or truck fleets, even tyre end users, you may want to know which tyre is Chinese best quality truck tire brand.

China Best High Quality Tire 2020

China Best High Quality Truck Tire in 2020

Shandong Jinyu Tire Co., Ltd, belong to Jinyu Tire Group, once again won the Annual Best High Quality Tire Award at the third XiZhong Award of the Year 2020.

Why Jinyu JF525 won Best high quality Award?

Jinyu 12R22.5 JF525 400000KMS Mileage

Jinyu 12R22.5 JF525, tread width 232mm, tread depth is 19mm, which is the deepest trailer tyre in China market and Jinyu have made the heat emission, wear resistance, rolling resistance and dynamic balancing at the perfect balance for such deep tyre base on their own special technology. Jinyu 12R22.5 JF525 life mileage has been over 400,000kms and Jinyu Tire Group are developing 600,000kms mileage products.

China Xizhong Award was jointly initiated by the China’s largest automotive aftermarket media platform CheYuLun and the million truck drivers service platform KaTuan. Based on the accurate fans of the two major platforms and 300 sets of test data from China and international markets, Xizhong Award is being presented to the top players of tires, trucks and auto maintenance etc., fields and Xizhong Award has become the vane of high performance product in tire industry.


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Global Tire Manufacturing is dominated by Asian players, mainly from Japan, China, Korea and India. Tire Companies from Europe and USA are also among top 10 players. Chinese tyre manufacturers has played a very important role in world tire industry, which China is the biggest tyre production country and the biggest tire export country in the world.
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