Which China tire manufactures could be choosed for long term cooperation? It’s a normal question for all international tire importers, but it’s really not easy to answer for them. How much you know about China and how much you know about Chinese tire industry, no matter the exact tire manufacturer/supplier.

Why import China Tires?

China have been the world’s manufacturer, from the general merchandise to iphones and more. Of course, tires made in China always is one of the hot business for international market in recent several decades, the reason is China tires is cheap and good performance. And one important thing is that China tire industry is always developping quickly.

How to choose China Tire Manufacturer as partner?

Within two decades, no matter China TBR tire, PCR tire industry has been mature and world’s people are enjoying that. But I also have to say that China tire manufacturers are becoming bigger but not strong enough. How many Chinese tire companys are there in Top 10 of world tire companies? But there are really many tire manufacturers in China, TBR tire manufacturers, PCR tire manufacturers, OTR tyre manufacturers, Agricultural tyre manufacturers, motorcycle tyre manufactuers and specialty tyre manufacturers etc., which near ONE Billion units tires are made in China every year. So I believe most of you are confused to choose the right tire manufacturer partner.

Definitely, China premium tire company are good choice, like Double Coin, Advance, Aeolus, Triangle, Jinyu etc., but




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